All East in Singapore

Please call & order directly from hawkers.

Note: Settle the delivery or pickup with the shop. More info in the shop's listing. #saveourhawkers 🇸🇬 #SGunited 🇸🇬

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    Hin Fried Hor Fun

    • image-2634

    Chef Kiosk (Kinex)

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    328 Katong Laksa

    • image-2598

    Pin Xiang Hainanese Chicken Rice

    • image-2590

    Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant

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    Birdie Num Num Gastrobar

    • image-2506

    Kwong Satay

    • image-2497

    Liang Guang Seafood Soup 亮光海鲜汤

    • image-2449

    Haron Satay 55

    • image-2413

    001 Café